10 Responses to His life will soon resemble one of his novels

  1. The Rat says:

    I don’t think he had any clue as to the wrath of the Twilight community when they are provoked. I wish him luck in finding a mailbox that will hold the amount of hate mail he is about to receive…

  2. Janet says:

    909 comments? No, sorry, I’m not up for that.

  3. Shelli says:

    I’m surpirsed they all didn’t just read “Bite me”. :)

  4. Vodka Mom says:

    why can’t he just have an opinion for God’s sake?


  5. Natalie Hatch says:

    Wow interesting. JK used the Heroes journey to guide her novel and Meyer used sparkly skin and teenage hormones. Good on both of them for exciting teens to read.

  6. Alli says:

    I'm with Natalie. As long as teens are reading, it has to be a good thing. I admire SK for saying what he thinks, but he might need to take a little R&R underground if he doesn't want Meyer fans banging on his door.

  7. joelle says:

    The comments are now over a thousand, so I just read a couple. It’s interesting how you’re allowed to say someone can’t write well if the book is not popular, but if it’s accepted and loved by the masses, you suddenly are not allowed to have an opinion on the craft of writing.

  8. jurassicpork says:

    I have to wonder what he’d think of me.

    It’s not very often that you have a writer or any public person come out and say, “He’s good but he sucks and he sucks and he sucks.”

    It’s refreshing in this neverending era of political correctness and the strained, artificial farce of civility under which we have to live.

  9. Mary Witzl says:

    I skimmed the comments, and it seems like King has more polite and intelligent fans. Which is nice, because my teenager daughters all prefer his books to Meyer’s. They think Bella is a huge wimp.

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