Mediabistro’s daily media news feed this morning linked to a fascinating website from a company called Wanted Technologies that tracks supply versus demand for a number of occupations in various metropolitan areas. I’m a bit unclear on how accurate this might be for “writers and authors” since “technical writers” is a separate category—and hiring isn’t quite the same thing for book authors, at least, that it would be in most other professions. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to pick up and move to find work as a writer or author, your best bets are apparently the northeast, California (Bay Area or southern), Seattle (no surprise judging by our client list!), Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, southern Florida, Texas, St. Louis and Kansas City.

And can any of our many clients in the Seattle area tell me why the demand for actors is so high there? Is it because the supply of actors is low because everyone in Seattle is a novelist?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Surely it's because of all the filming done in Vancouver…

  2. joelle says:

    There isn't much filming done in Vancouver anymore. Not like there was, anyway. Seattle is a regional theatre stronghold! They do great professional theatre, and people go to see it. The livability is a major factor, I think. And the proximity to LA helps too for commercial auditions and films. I was an actor in Portland for a while and Seattle was where you moved to if you wanted to be a professional, but couldn't give up the NW way of life for LA or face (or afford) NYC. Seattle's got a nice mix of "big enough" without being too big. And my guess is that there are so many writers in the NW (BC included!) because the winters are so grey and rainy…what's better than a fire in the woodstove, a cup of tea or coffee, and plopping yourself down to write the Great American (or Canadian) Novel? I suspect there is very little writing going on here during the summer. At least at my house!

  3. Lisa Katzenberger says:

    Yes, come live in Chicago! We have a great literary community here!

  4. Duane says:

    Seattle has the highest number of theaters per capita of any city in the U.S.

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