DGLM’s been Wordled.

I’d never seen this before, but then DGLM client Leigh Stringer posted a lovely Wordle on the blog on which her book The Green Workplace is based. Wordle is a website that converts text into an image similar to a tag cloud (but prettier!). I suppose it’s obvious that we’d talk about “books” a lot, but I’m pleased to see how often we use the word “think.”

Why not Wordle your own blogs and then give us a link to the results in the comments?

– Lauren

14 Responses to DGLM’s been Wordled.

  1. CKHB says:

    I *love* Wordle. I think all authors should Wordle their novels.

  2. Jade says:

    I love that the most dominant word in mine is WEATHER. My blog obviously deals with riveting topics.

    Thanks for the link, that was fun.


  3. DGLM says:

    Nice Wordling, folks! For kicks, I just re-Wordled, and our new Wordle actually includes, fairly large, the word Wordle.


  4. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Addictive little widget, isn't it?

  5. Sara J. Henry says:

    Here's the first paragraph of my suspense novel LEARNING TO SWIM, coming out next fall with Shaye Areheart Books. (I love Wordle!)

  6. GhostFolk.com says:

    WONDERFUL SITE! Thank you.

  7. Alan B. Steeks says:

    Yay wordle!

  8. Mary Witzl says:

    That was fun, thank you. But I had no idea how many times I'd managed to work in the word 'mother'.

  9. Jean Oram says:

    That was a fun way to play a few minutes away. I almost forgot to share my wordle!



  10. Jan Markley says:

    I wordled my blog (nice, I've already turned the word into a verb).

    It's tres cool! I was surprised that the word 'Sasquatch' didn't come up more often ;-j


  11. Erica Ridley says:

    My Wordle is in Spanglish and makes some humorous phrases!


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