Reading and writing teens

by Stacey

I saw this very cool PW piece about a new initiative HarperTeen has recently launched. Seems like such a wonderfully smart, positive, and original way to get directly to an intended audience, and get them involved in the writing and publishing process. And what a great opportunity for young, creative minds to be able to share their work easily with other members of the site, as well as publishing professionals who will offer feedback to the top picks. There is even the grand prize of obtaining a publishing contract for the winner. It’s like American Idol for teen writers! It seems to have already caught on since “Inkpop had a soft launch in late 2009 and currently boasts more than 10,000 members ages 13 and up, and 11,000 written submissions, which include novels, short stories, poetry, and essays.” I hope that this site will succeed, and that a new generation of writers will emerge, shaped by the opportunities presented to them in this terrific new forum.

5 Responses to Reading and writing teens

  1. Emma Michaels says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Iffath♥Ahmed says:

    I got invited to this :) It's soo cool 😀

  3. parametric says:

    I'm not so thrilled. I registered with Inkpop's sister site Authonomy, and now HarperCollins is spamming me with highly misleading adverts for CreateSpace. By aiming their sites at aspiring writers, HarperCollins has gathered a mainly uninformed and vulnerable client base – the exact people who are more likely to fall for this pay-to-play spiel. I feel very uncomfortable about this.

  4. DGLM says:

    Thanks for the notes. I had lunch today with one of the inkpop editors and will share this feedback with her. It's still a work-in-progress and I know they're open to feedback and suggestions. Thanks!

  5. parametric says:

    Thank you – I appreciate that. :)

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