6 Responses to Vote for the best of the worst!

  1. Kristi says:

    Most of these made me smile — gotta love the Tweet Jesus — but I voted for the one that made me laugh out loud which was the last one. Great contest!

  2. Mary Witzl says:

    We can't vote for more than one, I take it? These are all just marvelous. They made my morning.

  3. Kim Batchelor says:

    Since it would be in poor taste to vote on my own (although I could really use that water bottle), my vote goes to: "Tweet Jesus." Runners up: "A Passing Wind" and the Amish technothriller.

  4. DGLM says:

    Sorry for the technical difficulties with the poll–the default color scheme didn't work out so well and the poll doesn't show up in the preview so it was already posted when we noticed. I'm concerned that trying to change it now will reset the results, but that blank button is for voting, and if you highlight below it you can see the link to view results. We'll figure out how to alter the HTML before the next time!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice blog. Just came here to vote for my buddy, but this list is very funny. I've been looking around and this place is great. Good idea with the contest.

  6. Alex Jenson says:

    I'm hoping that Muffy's muffled cries is in fact a really gripping read – it's a messed up hilarious title that makes absolutley no sense at all. If these are real titles that comee in for submission, I won't give up on my writing just yet.

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