Where we find ideas

by Jane

One of the things I truly love about being an agent is finding new ideas in unexpected places.

Years ago for example, I took my daughter to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires for her birthday. I decided to do an hour-long individual session on overcoming stress; when the instructor and I began talking, however, it became clear that she had a book in her and what began as a self-help session for me ended with a book deal for her.

Then there was the visit last summer to the eye doctor where the receptionist was doing a blog and pitched his idea for a book to me.

And, just last week, I visited a comedy club in New York as a guest of columnist, client and friend, Cindy Adams, and the featured comedienne is now coming to our office to discuss a possible book.

I really love the serendipity of these situations. Who knows where I will find my next client or book idea? It could come from anywhere.

2 Responses to Where we find ideas

  1. Sarah Caron says:

    Isn't it wonderful when a fantastic idea finds you? It can happen in any creative endeavor, I think. My best ideas come from my kids, or in the middle of the night when I am somewhere between dreaming and awake.

  2. Suze says:

    It could even come from someone replying to a blog post. My book is about the struggle betw… (kidding).
    Great post!

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