17 Responses to You in six words

  1. K. M. Walton says:

    When I taught 6th grade I had my students write six word memoirs to kick off my memoir writing unit.

    Mine: I'm a writer, always have been.

  2. Rachel Cotterill says:

    Variety is life, not merely seasoning.

  3. Haste yee back ;-) says:

    Incessant cycles: bumped, bruised, broken, repaired!

    Haste yee back 😉

  4. Katherine Hazen says:

    Worse for wear, but not broken.

  5. Delilah S. Dawson says:

    Always creating, writing, laughing, eating cupcakes.

  6. Wanda B. Ontheshelves says:

    Threw confetti in the air often.

  7. Lynn says:

    Proposed to five times; never married.

  8. Costal says:

    Not good at finishing anything

  9. Mary Witzl says:

    I've got more time, don't I?

  10. Karen Collum says:

    Searched and searched; finally found me.

  11. Betsy Ashton says:

    Cognito ergo sum. Sum ergo cognito.

  12. Jennifer M. Donahue says:

    I try everything twice, no regrets.

  13. Designs by JoLea says:

    Annie Oakley meets Zena Warrior Princess

  14. The Decreed says:

    Broken any bones? Nope. Should have.

  15. Traci Van Wagoner says:

    Got any good stories to tell?

  16. Larry Smith says:

    Hey, I love these six-worders and hope you'll all be part of SMITH Mag's six-word memoir project over at: http://smithmag.net/sixwords. And we send out one a day on twitter @smithmag. Thanks. -Larry Smith

  17. Jonas Samuelle says:

    My greatest artistic motivation is revenge.

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