A literary affair to remember

by Rachel

Ever wondered what would happen if your two favorite authors hooked-up and penned a book together?

Well, I have, and so has Caroline Hagood, who gives us a rundown on her top 5 literary hook-ups in her article on Huffington Post.

I don’t know about you guys, but pairing Franz Kafka with Chuck Palahniuk sounds like a mind-bending literary experience. Maybe a Stephen King and Dostoevsky combination could work wonders too. But why stop with fiction? How about Julia Child and Albert Camus hooking up – they’d create a delicious and absurd little cookbook together that I’d definitely want to read.

Fancy any literary hook-ups yourself?

3 Responses to A literary affair to remember

  1. Lisa_Gibson says:

    Interesting mind candy. I'll have to check out the the article. :)

  2. Ellen Brickley says:

    Alice Hoffman and JD Salinger (Salinger's later work, not Catcher). There would be symbolism and appreciation for the mundane *everywhere*!

  3. Mary Witzl says:

    Sometimes I like to picture what a partnership between Norman Mailer and Barbara Cartland might have produced, or maybe Hemingway and Henry James. The process would definitely overshadow the product.

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