Rejection inspiration

by Stacey

I always like to see success stories, and I know our readers do too. This one really serves as an unusual and inspiring path to publication. Years of rejection, professionally from her writing, and then personally from her husband, led Laura Munson to an essay in the New York Times that landed her a book deal with Amy Einhorn’s successful imprint (publisher of The Help) within 48 hours. That is definitely my idea of rejection inspiration!

6 Responses to Rejection inspiration

  1. Kristin Laughtin says:

    I enjoy collecting stories like this, about writers who didn't have an easy path to publication. I find them inspiring when I need to keep pushing forward at anything, and even started a series on my blog recently with the hope that they'll inspire others to keep trying at whatever they do. (Yesterday I blogged about Jane Austen!)

  2. Caroline Tung Richmond says:

    Oh, great link! I remember reading the author's Modern Love essay last year–and it's great to hear that she's had so much success since then. I'm glad that she didn't give up!

  3. CFD Trade says:

    That was an overwhelming read. I felt her frustration and hope at the same time.

  4. February Grace says:

    Thank you so much for this post and the link- that article by Munson is a mandatory reTweet!
    Will definitely have to pick up her book.

    I know from experience that sharing something you've been through with readers (even just by blogging it) can be an amazing experience that gives you so much more than you've given of yourself. When someone feels a connection or learns something from what you've been through and tells you so- that is a life changing gift even when it happens on a smaller scale than what happened to Munson by far.

    What an amazing story.

    She is another perfect example of why I just love writers.

  5. Anonymous says:

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  6. Jessie Mac says:

    Thanks for the post and link to the story. When you here about how people or writers turn rejection into something positive, it gives you hope.

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