The right match….

by Miriam

One of the myriad things we do around here is come up with book ideas. Then, we try to match those ideas with the appropriate writers, help them develop the concept, and hopefully sell the resulting proposal to a publisher for big buckaroos.

“Well, duh!” you might be thinking right about now. “That’s what you agent types are supposed to do.”

And, yes…well, yes. But creating this perfect match between idea and writer is harder than you might think. It can be immensely frustrating to come up with an idea that could be the next Tipping Point only to come up empty in terms of who will be the next Malcolm Gladwell. When we look to our client list to create a match, we often fail. The client in mind might have the right credentials but is probably working on his/her own book and won’t be available until that is delivered. He or she might also just have no interest in the subject we’re so excited about. The other approach is to go out and find journalists, professors, bloggers, etc., and pitch the idea to them in the hopes that it sparks their interest. And, of course, they have to be available – not represented by another agent or busy with another book project.

This type of matchmaking is time consuming and often fruitless but when it works, it’s immensely gratifying. There’s nothing better than seeing your brain child go out into the world and make good.

Right now, for instance, I’m looking for someone who can write lucidly and anecdotally about mathematics and philosophy to do a book on “guesswork”. Any takers?

7 Responses to The right match….

  1. Virginia McGarity says:

    Yikes, most definitely not. Let me know when you need a writer for a quirky and honest book about retraining Arabian race/show horses.

  2. Jill Wheeler says:

    My grandpa. No, seriously.

  3. GhostFolk.com says:

    I have an agent (which I kind of don't regret saying), but I WOULD READ THIS BOOK IN A HEARTBEAT!! Fiction?

  4. Christopher Francis says:

    I once did illustrations for a man named Brendan Kelly who writes/publishes Math Textbooks for school boards. Recently he has written books on Algebra. You can find him at BrendanKelly Publishing. He is quite a character!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It'd be great to hear what other specific type of stories/books you are looking for. It's better than the normal, and often ambiguous stuff we see on Agents/Publishers website.

  6. Lynn says:

    I'm like Virginia, when it comes to math – no way!!!

  7. bitter and twisted says:

    If you have a great idea. If you have the enthusiasm for the great idea. Why not write the book yourself?

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