One Moment Please While I Geek Out

by Stephanie

Judge me as you will, but I will make no attempts to hide the fact that I am a Harry Potter fan, and have been since the beginning. The series seems to have been a benchmark for my (relatively speaking) younger years, and I have always been one of those fans who stuck with the books and subsequent franchise throughout its life. In fact, next week I will be going to the theatre (which at $13 a ticket, who does that?) to see the first installment of the final movie. I’m hoping I don’t resort to pushing a small child to get to the good seats, but I won’t make any guarantees.

Anyway, with that in mind, I wanted to pass along this clever piece that examines the elements of the series that make for sound tips writers can take away and use to hone their own work. From character development to plotting to points of view, it’s interesting how one pivotal series holds within it so many building blocks to strong writing. I’m sure some won’t feel the same with regard to my admiration for the series, but I think this piece makes a strong argument in favor of Rowling’s talents, as well as driving home the importance of truly enjoying the world you create.

7 Responses to One Moment Please While I Geek Out

  1. M.A.Leslie says:

    Don't feel bad. I was seventeen when the first Harry Potter book was published and read it when I was eighteen. I fell in love with it from day one and have been glued to it from the minute I opened the cover of book one. So please, call me a geek too.

  2. Kristin Laughtin says:

    Love Nathan, love that post. I didn't start reading the books until my early twenties and like you, I *might* end up pushing children out of my way in the theory. Gently, of course. I promise.

    You can tell Rowling loves her world. Even if the writing isn't the BEST ever (although I still think it's pretty good), her passion shines through. It's infectious. It's why people are hooked.

  3. Christi Goddard says:

    I'm 36, and will be at the midnight show IN COSTUME, sporting my Severus Snape TATTOO on my calf. Geekdom is the only way to live free.

  4. Paul Äertker says:

    As always, Nathan's post is dead on… even as an ex-agent!

  5. Em-Musing says:

    My daughter always drags me to see Harry Potter movies. Reluctantly, I always enjoy them. Nice that you linked to Nathan's blog where he had excellent tips. He will be missed. *sniff*

  6. kourtneyheintz says:

    I loved the Harry Potter series as an adult. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz series I loved as a kid. When I started writing, I would thumb through a Harry Potter book to help understand POV and plot development.

  7. Cacy says:

    I went to more than on midnight release Potter parties during my college years, re-read books 1-6 in preparation for book 7 and they were just as great the second time around, and I'm very sure they'll be just as awesome when I read them for a third time. No shame in Potter love.

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